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In this first article of this new blog, we are going to present and talk about a place that we could qualified as an “alien” on the Lisbon scene: L’Atelier Porto!

As you just read, this is a brand new blog! Curious about it? So then stay here and just read the rest in order to know everything about it…

Let’s start first with an introduction about this surprising place and most importantly the person behind this innovative concept in Lisbon!

Located in the picturesque Bica area of Lisbon, l’Atelier Porto is a wine bar dedicated exclusively to Porto Wines. Unique in Lisbon!

You are going to explore a very large palette of flavours through more than 100 bottles with formulas from 3 to 8 glasses. The tastings are commented in French, English or Portuguese. You will also be able to enhance your tastings with traditional Portuguese meat and cheese boards.

Through all of this, L’Atelier Porto offers you a veritable immersion into the Portuguese culture. The concept of this wine bar is quite surprising as focusing only into Porto wines. The place is welcoming, warm, cosy and the owner will surely make you travel to others places!

The idea behind this blog is firstly to make you discover l’Atelier Porto and also Florence who is the owner. Then it aims to make you dive into the Porto wines universe through interviews about the various actors, videos, various and multiples articles including way of producing and consuming this wine, food pairing and many others! You are surely going to hear and learn about this surprising and delicious nectar.

5 questions asked to Florence Bourguignon, the owner and creator of this original concept:

Good Morning Florence. To start with, can you please tell us a few words about you?

I am from the Lyon region in France. After studying business management and accounting I decided, 10 years ago, to take a training course in sales and marketing of Wine and Spirits at the University. I then followed a second training course “Practice of tasting by the knowledge of terroirs” at the University of Burgundy. As a result of these courses, I created my own Sales Agent structure of various French wine and champagne for the professional sector. I then became commercial manager of the Rhône-Alpes sector for the Dugas company, which is an importer of premium spirits.

Alright, thank you. This is a well-filled career in the wine and spirits industry! So how did you end up in the Porto Wine sector?

Following a trip in 2012 in the valley of the Douro with some of my French customers, I fell immediately under the charm of this vineyard. I subsequently made a decisive encounter in 2013 with Jean-Philippe Duhard, founder of Vinologia in Porto. This allowed me to understand better the world of Port wine. We then went together to meet various producers from the Douro Valley which was marked by tastings, discoveries, explanations and various encounters. A passion was born, the passion for the wines of Porto.

Nice! So how was the Atelier Porto born? Can you explain the concept?

Before leaving France, I inquired whether this concept existed or not in Lisbon. Only one establishment was dedicated to Porto wines. So why not a second one? I decided to take the opportunity. I left France around March 2015, to settle down in Lisbon and create this business around the wines of Porto. One important distinction though, I am and only want to work with small producers. The Atelier has just celebrated its 1 year of existence last month! It is an ” educational” wine bar dedicated to the wines of Porto. It’s a bit like a wine school! The goal is for the customer to leave the Atelier with having learn something about Porto wine. It is a wine of worldwide reputation but very little really known by the general public! I propose different tasting formulas ranging from 3 to 8 glasses and always commented. I try to adapt to the customer according to his budget, his knowledge or his tastes … The customer can buy bottles on site and I also set up a shipping service for abroad! I also organize private workshops for companies, associations or schools. Finally, I sometimes take part in some special events.

And why didn’t you do this in France, why did you choose Portugal?

I flirted with Portugal between 2013 and 2015. The desire to leave France for Portugal became a certainty, it was for me a whole new challenge! And then it’s such a beautiful country! A softer life, welcoming and respectful people, and the luxury of feeling safe! And for me it was obvious that it was here that I had to develop this concept and not in France.

What are your ambitions for the Atelier, for the future?

There is so much to develop around the Atelier!!! Step by step … and then it’s better to not disclose everything right away, no? 😉 …

Thank you very much Florence for your answers. This allows us to understand more deeply your passion and most importantly the idea behind the Atelier Porto. It is a lovely concept and for sure you put all your heart into it!

It is here that I leave you because everything is said, apart from my last advice: come and visit the Atelier Porto as soon as possible, you won’t be disappointed!

By Justine Toth

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  • Shipping costs

    The Atelier Porto applies a railing of price list of decreasing transport by quantity, a appropriate packaging for each order, for different zones (Europe, Asia, USA…)

    ZONES et COUNTRY 1 to 3 bottles 4 to 6 bottles
    7 to 12 bottles
    ZONE 1 – Portugal 9 € 19 € 29 €
    Zone 2 – Espagne 19 € 29 € 39 €
    Zone 3 – Europe
    Allemagne, Autriche, Belgique, Danemark, France, Italie, Luxembourg, Pays-Bas, Royaume Uni, Suède
    29 € 39 € 49 €
    Zone 4 – Europe et other
    Bulgarie, Estonie, Finlande, Hongrie, Lettonie, Lituanie, Pologne, Roumanie, République Tchèque, République d’Irlande, Slovaquie
    42 € 49 € 62 €
    Swiss 36 € 43 € 57 €
    Zone 5
    North and South América
    Canada, USA, Mexique, Argentine, Bolivie, Brésil, Guyane, Paraguay, Pérou, Suriname, Vénézuela, Uruguay
    80 € 100 €
    Zone 6
    Asie, Indonésie, Australie
    129 € 139 €