And gastronomy

The port-wine has a great ability to pair a large range of dishes for every great moment of sharing.

Aperitif and starter

The Portuguese traditionally serve a dry white port-wine with tonic and a slide of lemon.

All the white port-wines are a delight for aperitif. they pair also well with grilled almond, green olives and toast (cod fritter, grilled prawn…). From dry too sweet, this type of port-wines match easily with seafood and oily fish in a fresh salad for example.

Regarding the sweet one like Lagrima, you can combine it with the traditional foie gras.

Tawny, Ruby and Special Reserve go along well with aperitifs and starters thanks to the mellowness, aromas and freshness.

Some Tawny ports with age (10, 20, 30 years…) or old Colheita wonderfully work with hot starters such as seafood or offal (sweetbread) with cream.

On main course

Light and dry white-port can be serve with shrimp or chicken Caesar salad, the middle sweet and sweetest one are going well with seared foie gras.

Tawny, Ruby and Special Reserve are going well with grilled, roast and braised mains. LBV and Vintage are better matching with simmer food.

You can pair red meat without stringy such as stag or thick round beef with a young, full bodied Vintage. Whereas, for subtler main and epicure style, old Vintage with soft tannin and deep aromas and complexity can match well with game (feather or hair).

From cheese to desert

Every white port-wine actually pair with cheese according the type and the variety.

The ruby family, LBV and Vintage are going along well with dark chocolate, red and black fruits.

Sweet spices, citrus fruits peel, dried fruits, caramel are matching easily with Tawny types (aged or Colheita).


Tawny 20 years is remarkable with coffee, older Tawny as 30 years or 40 years are drinkable by itself to offer a unique and intense experience; better to be serve a little bit chilled, in order to release the aromas.

Even if Colheita can be drink by itself, it also can be appreciated with an aromatic cigar.

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