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Port-wine is a fortified wine ; it is produced in the demarcated region of the Douro Valley.

The winemaking procedures, based on traditional methods, include stopping the fermentation of the must by adding grape brandy (benefício). This ancestral technique was created to stabilize the wine and to keep the natural sugar which as to balance the higher alcohol degree (usually between 19 and 22% vol.).

Port-wine is separate in two families, according to aging process.

RUBY Style

Are wines in which the winemaker looks to restrain the evolution of their deep red color -Ruby- and maintain the freshness of the aromas fruit and strength of a young wine.

This family bring together single vintage Port Wines and blend Port Wines. The Ruby blends are usually young wines.

The specific and control classification that you will find in the following categories, in ascending order of quality are: Ruby, Reserve, Crusted, Late Bottled Vintage (LBV) and Vintage.

The Vintage type is the quintessence of Ruby Port Wine and can be easily kept for storing as they age well in bottle; just as Late Bottled Vintage type, are good for. According to the best years and “quintas” style.

The traditional aromas range are most often red, black fruits and jammy for the youngest wines to cacao, tabaco or leather for the oldest ones….

The common trait of Ruby port-wines is premature bottling. This varies from two to six year after an ageing in old wooden vast which can reach 100 000 liters.


At this exception of Colheita (wines of a single year that are similar to an aged Tawny).

Tawny style port-wines are obtained from lots of different wines that have aged for different lengths of time in oak barrels of 650 liters, rarely in vats.

The color of the wines is saying “oxidize”, at the same time light and reddish-brown. The bouquet is a reminds of dried fruits, citrus fruit peel and wood.

The present categories in this style are: Tawny, Tawny Reserve, Tawny with an Indication of Age (10, 20, 30 and 40 years old) and Colheita.

Commonly, Tawny stays a long time aging period in barrel, then bottled and are ready to drink.

White Port

Spread in six categories, port-wine offer a variety of different style depending on whether aging and most importantly with degrees of sweetness according to the manner by which it is made (Light Fry to Lagrima). At the exception of Light Dry with a minimum alcohol content of 16.5%, the others categories who has the normal level of port-wine alcohol (between 19% and 22% vol) combine aromas of white fruits, flowers perfume and spices.

Porto Rosé

Rosé is a pink-colored wine obtained by light maceration of red grapes, with no oxidation during preservation. These are wines to be drunk young and are highly aromatic with notes of cherry, raspberry and strawberry. They are soft and pleasant on the palate. They are best drunk chilled or with ice, and can also be served in several cocktails.


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