Unexpected terroir

The Douro is at the same time a river, a vineyard and a wine. Located in the north of Portugal, the river crosses the country from the Spain border to the city of Porto, at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

In the delimitated area of the Douro region, the weather is characterizing by the popular adage of: “nine months of winter and three of hell”. Protected of the wind by the Marão and Montemuro mountains, the region is spread in 250 000 ha (schist soil), with 44 000 ha of vines of the designation of origin.

It is the terraces farming, the landing and the height vines which give a unique character to the Douro valley and highlight this original and unusual wines.

The breathtaking landscapes, have been revealed to the world in 2001, when the wine region of the “Alto Douro” was report as World Heritage Center by UNESCO as a “cultural and progressive landscapes”.


The Douro is the oldest delimitated and regulated wine region in the world. It was created in September 10th 1756 by Marquess of Pombal, prime minister of Portugal, who establishes the “Companhia General da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro”.

With this visionary measure, he was the precursor of the “designation of origin” in such a way that we know today. The geographical delimitation is an organism of regulation and observation. The main aim was to take care of the wine quality. In this way, the designation of origin for port-wine is born, one of the most recognized et prestigious of the world.

In 1982, the Douro Designation of Origin came out, to assure the quality of the dry wine produce in the Delimitated region of Douro. The Douro valley became the only region to produce wine with two designation of origin: Douro and Porto.

The port-wines can be tasted in an average of 120 countries and the Douro wines in 100 countries on the five continents. Nowadays, each wines have to be approved by the Institute of Douro’s wine and Port-wine and to get the warranty stamp on the bottle neck.

Protect, support and regulate the designation of origin are the priorities of the Institute of the Douro’s wine and port-wine. It is also promoting the brand on the international market, assure the global image and fight against fraud and counterfeited to perpetuate the respected name of Douro.

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